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The right machine for every tree - this is the principle for the new Optimal product lines. From now on, our product lines C-Line, P-Line and T-Line make it easier for you to choose the most suitable tree spade for your needs. No matter which type you choose, you will always receive a premium product for everyday use "Engineered & Made in Germany".

The classic Optimal tree spades from Optimal 350 to Optimal 2500 are characterized by the concave shape of their blades. The root ball shape corresponds to the natural root system and thereby promotes regrowth after transplanting.

The scoop diggers work on the principle of an ice cream scoop, producing a root ball in the shape of a perfect hemisphere. Thanks to the extremely low working height, these machines are well suited for digging low-branched trees and shrubs, especially in tree nurseries with light soils.

The T-Line is designed in the style of Truncated Tree Spades which are popular in the US. The blades of these tree spades are straight and open at the bottom. The root balls have the shape of an inverted truncated cone. This type of tree spade is a novelty in Europe.